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Unconscious Bias and the Workplace

Format and Length Webinar; 2 hours

Target Audience All employees


Today, the topics of privilege, inequality and racism have been thrust into the spotlight and related impacts in the workplace. This webinar explores the Neuroscience behind unconscious bias and how unconscious bias can negatively influence employee behaviors and actions that get in the way of creating inclusive and engaged work cultures. Participation in online discussions and breakout sessions plus use of video clips serves to produce this thought-provoking webinar.

Key Topics

  • The brain and unconscious bias
  • How the brain derails and misdirects our beliefs and behaviors
  • Nine types of unconscious bias
  • Ways bias impacts decisions and negative business outcomes
  • How bias may impede the success of teams and organizations
  • Practices to minimize and mitigate unconscious bias
  • Strategies to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace