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    Think Like a Chief Information Officer (CIO)

    Unlike the typical Information Technology (IT) oriented hard skills or software skills experience, this class outlines a philosophy of how to look at the world of IT and the company.

    The underlying topic and the instruction provided, is designed to broaden your way of thinking and expand your management perspective.

    This enhanced view of IT and your company in general, has the potential to significantly improve your current work performance, get you noticed by those above you organizationally and accelerate your upward professional growth.

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    Thriving on Change

    This webinar focuses on actions that people can take to prepare themselves to thrive in a business
    environment where uncertainty and change are the only constants. Change is inevitable, but that does
    not mean that people must get stuck in the personal transitions associated with external changes. While
    responses to change vary across individuals, emotional reactions, even to positive changes, are a natural
    human response. These reactions only become problematic if people get “stuck,” unable to move
    forward or become fully productive in the new situation.

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    Transitioning to Manager

    The transition from individual contributor to manager can be the most challenging shift of a career.  The goal of this webinar is to support you in successfully making that shift and becoming a great manager.

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    Winning by Influencing

    “Winning by Influencing” is designed to support participants in creating an environment in which people win by effectively influencing others. It begins by understanding the external factors that shape how people communicate and interact. And then, by understanding how people 'fix' situations, participants can shape their communications to reach others and produce desired results. The webinar provides a strategic approach and specific tactical actions to producing the highest levels of productivity in the workplace.

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