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Without a context of mutual value, trust and respect, techniques alone prove useless. This one-day course asks participants to evaluate their current communication environment according to these standards. We then begin to examine the four primary communication skills – avoiding misunderstandings through unchecked assumptions by aligning context; delivering difficult messages through resistance by reframing; listening through differences by using active/empathic listening; and gaining agreement through clear goal setting with the use of S.M.A.R.T. criteria – so that participants understand how to improve their working relationships in any situation.   

  • 3 Levels of Listening:  Evaluative, Active and Empathic 
  • 8 Blocks to Effective Listening 
  • Clearing Listening Blocks 
  • How to Stop Defending 
  • Value Clarification: Out to Lunch Game 
  • Listening Through Differences to Manage Conflict and Build Influence 
  • How Values Filter What We Hear 
  • SMART Criteria to Set Clear, Mutually Agreed-Upon Objectives