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Management Essentials: 4-Webinar Series

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    Transitioning to Manager

    The transition from individual contributor to manager can be the most challenging shift of a career.  The goal of this webinar is to support you in successfully making that shift and becoming a great manager.

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    Communicating as a Manager

    Managing people demands a deep appreciation of different individual working styles and the flexibility to deal with those differences and optimize the outcome.

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    Managing Performance

    Whether you are a new or experienced manager, managing people is one of the toughest – and most rewarding – roles you’ll ever have.  This webinar will give you the skills to delegate effectively, set clear performance goals and expectations and give clear and effective feedback.

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    Engaging Your Employees

    Research shows a direct link between effective management skills, engaging leadership and an employee’s motivation and productivity. Leading by example is just that – a great example!