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Format: Live Interactive Online 

Length: 2 hours

Demanding deadlines, changing priorities, unrealistic expectations, unfair treatment… can be challenging on many levels.  In today’s work environment, interpersonal communications can either destroy or build strong partnerships. This course provides best practices on how to be a skillful communicator in challenging situations. 

Participants learn a form of – give and take – dialogue including how to respond well to criticism, provide constructive feedback, practice a model for active listening, and speak in appropriate word choice and tonality. 

Key Topics 

  • Understanding the 7 benefits of skillful communication
  • Managing the communication noise and barriers
  • Speaking: be mindful of tone, word choice, and intention 
  • Listening actively model: RASA
  • Giving positive and constructive feedback model: BIS
  • Managing resistance to feedback and defensiveness 
  • Disagreeing with feedback respectively
  • Managing challenging conversations