StrengthsFinder for Managers and Teams


The manager has perhaps the single most important role in any organization.  The manager sets the tone for the work environment. If managers know, trust and invest in their employees they are 6x’s more likely to be engaged in their jobs. 

 In this session, managers will learn how to take a strengths-based approach in leading their people. This approach helps employees identify how they can purposefully aim their talents so that team members, both individually and collectively, are better equipped to accomplish their goals and performance objectives. 


  • Identify the common traits of high-performing managers  
  • Understand the 12 items of engagement and how focusing on employee strengths is a key driver 
  • Name their Top 5 Signature Talent Themes from their comprehensive Clifton StrengthsFinder report 
  • Claim their strengths by identifying ways in which they are being used in their current leadership role  
  • Aim their strengths by developing a plan that will drive performance and increase employee engagement 
  • Understand the Four Domains of Leadership and how to leverage the collective talent on their teams 
  • Identify and manage to each team member’s distinct and unique talents  
  • Understand the importance of frequent strengths-based interactions that will empower and mobilize their employees

 Prework:  Completion and review of the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment (instructions will be sent ahead of time)