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  • 12 major learning exercises (8 video-recorded, 6 interactively coached),  
  • Best practices for online presenting 
  • Personal video-recording, with private viewing immediately after practicing
  • Facilitated group feedback on content, clarity and memorability, presentational style, interaction and difficult questions, expectations and listener awareness issues 
  • Customizing presentations for the intended audience 


Content Clarity and Impact 

  • Communicate information versus dry facts and data 
  • Balance amount of content with allotted timeframe 
  • Prioritize important points and data for emphasis 
  • Persuade without selling 
  • Ensure clarity and memorability of key information 

Listener Adaptability 

  • Use listener analysis tools to set correct levels of detail 
  • Adjust your detail and technical levels for various listeners 
  • Clarify critical listener-focused, take-away points 
  • Minimize extraneous information 
  • Apply viewer-appropriate visual support strategy 

Interaction Management 

  • Handle difficult questions and challenges 
  • Generate listener involvement 
  • Stay on track and reinforce key messages 

Command of Behavioral Skills 

  • Project and inspire confidence and conviction 
  • Eliminate distracting idiosyncrasies 
  • Manage nervousness