Akhil Salunkey

Global HR Learning Program Manager, Juniper Networks

As the Global HR Learning Program Manager at Juniper Networks, I am responsible for the classroom and live webinar training for 9300+ colleagues around the globe. With a team of only three, I am often asked "How can you scale to meet this need?" My answer is through a trusted partnership with an external global training organization, Effective Training Associates. Since March of 2015, ETA has ensured the delivery of over 700 training programs in 23 cities across 17 countries receiving quality ratings averaging 4.65/5.0! We appreciate their partnership & dedication to excellence!

Angela Ibarra

Director of Leadership and Development, Infinera

We have developed a great partnership with ETA over the past year especially in the Management training arena. We appreciate all their assistance in customizing the training specific to Infinera with quality materials and instructors. Their global blueprint has allowed us to touch over 300+ people managers with live training sessions and 700+ employees with key webinars, across the world with positive feedback. Thanks ETA for playing a major role in our Leadership and Development success.