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SLII™ is the world’s most taught leadership model for developing employees and delegating appropriately. It is a language and strategy for providing the right amount of direction and support to improve performance, productivity and accountability.


Leadership for the Future

  • Major changes and challenges facing leaders today
  • Leadership required to address these changes
  • The need for flexibility


The SLII™ Beliefs and Building Blocks

  • Understand the differences between successful and effective leadership
  • Discuss the core beliefs and values underlying the SLII™ model
  • Learn which situational variables to consider when choosing appropriate leadership styles


Diagnosis – The First Skill of a SLII™ Leader

  • Learn the four levels of development
  • Identify an employee’s development level of competence and commitment


Flexibility – The Second Skill of a SLII™ Leader

  • Learn the four leadership styles: Directing, Coaching, Supporting and Delegating
  • Develop flexibility in ways to start a conversation in each style


Partnering for Performance– The Third Skill of a SLII™ Leader

  • Learn the steps needed in partnering with others to develop their competence and commitment
  • Resolve disagreements about development level


SLII™ Skill Practice

  • Learn how to move forward and backward in the SLII™ model
  • Practice each of the four leadership styles
  • Develop skills in opening-up communication and having one-on-one conversations

*Note: SLII™ is a revision from the original Situational Leadership series.  The “II” distinguishes this course from that one for copyright purposes; there is no prerequisite required.