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    Assertiveness Skills

    In relationships and communication, there is no ‘one size fits all' approach. This webinar explores different communication styles: assertive, aggressive, passive and passive-aggressive. Participants gain an understanding of each style and the appropriate time to use each communication style. The interactive webinar starts with an assertiveness quiz, in which participants identify their strengths and weaknesses and determine areas for development. They learn the “ABCs” of assertiveness: the assertive mindset, behaviors of assertive people and challenging situations that require assertiveness.

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    Clear Business and Email Writing

    Improve clarity and conciseness of employee business and email writing with this online, blended-learning approach to training. For teams that are spread throughout the world, it is often not financially or logistically feasible to gather them all in a single room. But a “virtual room” offers a great solution! This interactive and informative program is available anywhere, anytime. Upon completion of this course, participants will produce polished and professional emails and documents for colleagues, vendors and customers.

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    Clear Technical Writing

    Improve clarity and conciseness of technical documentation by product managers, developers and quality engineers. Those who are not technical writers by profession have to meet the challenge of writing quality documentation – with time constraints and topic complexities. Furthermore, non-standardized writing formats and styles can create inconsistency and confusion. When using a standardized approach and applying best-practice writing techniques, employees can produce organized, consistent, clear and concise technical documents and save time.

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    Communicating Across Cultures

    Has the world arrived at your door? This course is a must if you collaborate in a global team, serve customers/suppliers abroad, or work with culturally diverse H1B professionals. Learn how people from different cultures approach relationships with managers and team members, reach commitments, view initiative, accept accountability and share information. After this course, you will see how culture can affect motivation and performance. Learn strategies to communicate while building teamwork in an environment in which people of all cultures will excel.

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    Communication Essentials

    Guaranteed to be fast-paced, interactive, entertaining and informative, Communication Essentials is a webinar that will make an immediate and positive impact on the participants’ ability to produce results. Participants will discover the secret to connecting powerfully with people and get quick responses to critical messages; discover the noise that impacts their ability to get what they want; understand the inputs and outputs that make them effective communicators.

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    Cross-Functional Collaboration and Influence


    In today’s competitive environments, influence and collaboration skills are no longer an option, but must-haves. Organizations can be challenging work environments when communication lines break down and are not running smoothly among employees and managers. Organizations that understand the benefits of good communication prioritize and constantly strive to achieve better working relationships through establishing mutual value, trust and credibility. They create productive work environments that encourage higher levels of employee and team performance, a common sense of purpose, and better business results.

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    Customer Service Excellence in Email

    Ensure that customer-facing employees provide professional, top-notch service in their email writing. The objective of this training is to craft focused emails that are clear and concise and help to build and maintain positive relationships with clients.

    This online training provides practical techniques to write subject lines that get attention, apply a format that highlights the most important elements of the message and strike a friendly, respectful tone. As a result, management can rest assured that employees write in a way that prevents miscommunication and the possibility of customer relationship issues. Employees will be able to implement the best practices in customer service and email the very next time they craft a message to a customer.

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    Dealing with Yourself and Others in Difficult Situations

    The volatility of today's market can bring out the best in some people and the worst in others. The truism, “the only person you can change is yourself,” is the key factor in managing yourself and others in difficult situations. And while it seems simple, it is not often easy. In this webinar we address the age-old question: what makes difficult people difficult? And then we develop techniques for understanding and working with these difficult behaviors. And when all else fails, we look at stress management strategies to cope and thrive in the difficult times.

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