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    Communicating as a Manager

    Managing people demands a deep appreciation of different individual working styles and the flexibility to deal with those differences and optimize the outcome.

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    Conducting and Writing Performance Reviews

    Are performance appraisals a necessary evil? Could they actually be beneficial or are they only another item on your “to do” list? Make the appraisal process easy and effective with the POWER writing process!

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    Effective Mentoring Relationships

    Mentoring refers to a developmental relationship between a more experienced mentor and a less
    experienced partner, or mentee. Through regular interactions, the mentee relies on the mentor’s
    guidance to gain perspective and experience.

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    Engaging Your Employees

    Research shows a direct link between effective management skills, engaging leadership and an employee’s motivation and productivity. Leading by example is just that – a great example!

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    Giving Feedback and Handling Difficult Conversations

    Difficult conversations are an inevitable part of management. Yet, avoiding an uncomfortable conversation is costly to yourself and everyone on the team. This 2-hour webinar gives you a fact-based model on how to approach giving constructive feedback, deal with employee reactions without destroying the relationship, and achieving the desired outcome.

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    Insight Into Leadership

    This foundational webinar provides insights into the management components and relationship skills needed to be successful – both as a manager and a leader.  We begin with a leadership quiz based on work done at Harvard University to identify the top ten leadership traits. You will then be able to identify your existing strengths, as well as your opportunities for development.

    Then we’ll explore the world of authentic leadership. You will have the opportunity to create your own personal vision of the manager and leader you wish to be.  We’ll explore communication and behavioral styles and how they relate to the five main components of management, ending with a unit on communication including characteristics of the charismatic leader.

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    Leadership Skills in a Culturally-Diverse Environment

    Leadership can be challenging even when you're dealing with people in the same country. Dealing with others in different countries – with different customs and communication styles – adds an exciting and challenging dimension to being a leader. The webinar starts with a leadership quiz to identify the Top Ten Leadership Traits (as defined by Harvard Business School). Then we move to an overview of how cultures view the tasks of leadership, with ways to soften dissonance and create alignment in the diverse workplace.

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    Leading and Communicating in Times of Change

    Significant technological, political, economic, and competitive shifts often lead to strategic and operational decisions that affect people. All organizational changes are personal, and leaders must be able to communicate change messages openly, directly, and completely. Participants in this Webinar learn about the human transition cycle that accompanies organizational change. Participants learn a process for delivering challenging messages about current organizational changes such as mergers, reorganizations, new business processes, and global sourcing decisions. Participants also learn to identify possible reactions by the recipients of change messages and to respond in ways that encourage the recipients to keep moving forward with change.

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