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    Communicating as a Manager

    Managing people demands a deep appreciation of different individual working styles and the flexibility to deal with those differences and optimize the outcome.

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    Delegating, Goal Setting and Engagement

    Whether you are a new or experienced manager, delegation is a critical management skill and is often challenging. This webinar provides a proven five-step delegation process which helps align company goals to department, project, and individual goals, using the SMART model. This module also looks at employee motivation and provides ways to increase engagement at a deeper level.

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    Effective Mentoring Relationships

    Mentoring refers to a developmental relationship between a more experienced mentor and a less
    experienced partner, or mentee. Through regular interactions, the mentee relies on the mentor’s
    guidance to gain perspective and experience.

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    Giving Feedback and Having Difficult Conversations

    Whether you are a new or experienced manager, giving balanced feedback and having difficult conversations can be challenging. This webinar will provide you with two proven models to enhance employee performance. First, a proven model to deliver effective positive and constructive feedback and second, a model to help handle difficult conversations and employee reactions.

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    Interviewing and Hiring the Best Talent


    Hiring and retaining the best talent in today’s economy has many challenges: shortage of technical talent, candidates from diverse cultures, different generational values, well-prepared savvy candidates, those who may generalize or exaggerate experiences and non-human resources personnel not knowing the legal boundaries to which their company must adhere. In many companies, the interviewing process is random and unstructured.  This course provides a best-practice interviewing structure and skills required to best assess candidates while staying within legal boundaries.

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    Leading Without Authority

    The ability to influence others, from the CEO to the newest college intern, is a key component of professional success.  Senior executives must work at equal footing with other C-suite members, project managers must motivate their dotted-line resources, and individual contributors must often influence others to get the resources and information they need to complete their tasks.

    This webinar is ideal for all business and technical professionals who are required to give direction and influence others without the specific organizational authority to do so.

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    Managing Your Millennial Workforce

    There are four generations at work (Traditionalist, Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials) today. By 2025 Millennials (the generation born between 1983 and 2001) will make up 75% of the world's working population. To get the best from the Millennial employees, managers must understand this and adapt their management styles accordingly.

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    Recognition and Acknowledgement

    Critically important to acknowledgement is knowledge – your knowledge about the person you want to acknowledge and what they value, as well as their knowledge that you value their contributions. Finding the most effective rewards and recognition for each person is not a “one-size-fits-all” process! This webinar asserts that you can have the employees and work environment you want by designing and delivering the appropriate rewards.

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