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    Audience-Based Presentations

    People are self-interested and do things for their own reasons. As a result, it is essential to know your audience before designing your presentation. This Webinar shows how the characteristics of your audience, along with your purpose, should be the primary drivers of all aspects of your presentation. Participants learn how to use an audience analysis tool and a presentation planning tool to prepare impactful presentations. Participants also learn how to modify their presentations for remote delivery and feedback.

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    Preparing Content for Powerful Presentations

    This is a program for technical professionals – both individual contributors and managers – who want to improve their ability to get messages across to management in project review and project proposal presentations. By examining the differing perspectives of business-focused and technology-focused people, you'll learn to focus your presentation on the results you want to achieve and condense it for effective communication to sponsors, executives and customers – people with the power to advance your project and your career.