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    Strategic Thinking

    Strategic Thinking within Information Technology (IT) is the mental process, applied by an individual or
    by IT as a whole, which considers ways to enhance the value of IT to the organization it serves.
    The class outlines strategic thinking from a number of different conceptual perspectives, but always with
    an eye to how it can be used to enhance the mission and value of IT and the careers of the professionals
    within it.

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    Stress Management

    Today’s work environment can be described as trying to put together a puzzle while others are continually moving and changing the puzzle pieces.  And while the pieces – the variables and the circumstances – may rapidly change, the deadlines and pressures remain constant.  In challenging times, individuals and teams can be overtaken by frustration, stress, resignation and burnout.

    This course explores the causes of stress and how to manage the variables that are constant and within our control: our mindset, our time management and relationships with others.  Participants are left inspired, empowered and in action to create a workplace reality that fosters teamwork and productivity.

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